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Study Nursing

… means: You are doing the training and a bachelor's degree at the same time and have 2 degrees at the end:

  1. state-recognized nursing specialist
  2. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Your degree is then: Registered Nurse B.Sc. or Healthcare professional B.Sc.

With this degree, you are optimally qualified for the care of children, adults and the elderly and have even more opportunities within the profession than with normal training.

You usually get a higher starting salary after graduation.

The course is internationally recognized. That means you can work anywhere abroad.

Duration: The course lasts 8 semesters (= 4 years), one semester is abroad.


  • You are a student at Bremen University of Applied Sciences.
  • You study full-time (standard study time is 8 semesters, i.e. 4 years)
  • The lessons are in German, sometimes also in English.
  • During the 5th semester you go abroad for one semester.
  • You have a total of 13 practical assignments. That means you go to different companies 13 times in the 4 years and work there.
  • In addition, you will do exercises in the "Skills and Simulation Centre". This means that you practice emergency situations and invasive measures on dolls such as Take blood, give injections, put on catheters and much more. And you practice different nursing situations with simulation patient.

Requirements - you need: 

  • A general or subject-related university entrance qualification (for example, Abitur, placement test, special admission, or trial study):
    • You can find more information about the special admission HERE
    • You can find more information about the placement test HERE
    • You can find more information about the trial course HERE
  • Knowledge of English at level B2
    • You can acquire English skills during your studies
    • At the latest in the 4th semester you must have a certificate of your English skills -
      • You can find more information HERE 
  • Knowledge of German at level C1
    • You can find more information HERE 

Throughout the year there is the possibility of individual study advice from the course director Prof. Dr. Matthias Zündel. There you can talk about the recognition options for pre-qualifications. You can find information HERE

During study:

  • … you can set individual priorities (in compulsory elective and elective modules). That means you can choose what you would like to learn in many areas.
  • … you can learn:
    • how to plan and carry out your work independently with the help of science.
    • how you reflect and develop your work.
    • how you recognize new tasks and requirements and implement them independently.
  • ... you are not bound to a company. This means that you can do your practical assignments in different companies and thus get to know different companies, so that you can better decide where you want to work after your graduation.

Beginning: The studies always start in the winter semester (October 1st) - until now, studies in the Bremen-Oldenburg region have only been available at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

Financial support: It is planned that you will receive money from the nursing homes for the 13 practical assignments. In addition, you can get support from BAföG during your studies.

You can find information on BAföG on:

Application:   You can apply every year from the 1st of June to the 15th of July.

You can find more information on the homepage of the degree program or in this information brochure.

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